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Take surveys and receive Paypal Cash, Bitcoins or Gift Cards!
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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo? Check. AMD Ryzen CPU? Check. 365 Everyday Value Organic Peanut Butter? Check. Star Wars-themed Tie? Check. Everything on your shopping list can be found and purchased with a simple click on Amazon.com. The old times of needing to go to 5 different stores just to find that specific product your family asked for is no more. Amazon allows you to do all your shopping needs from the convenience and comfort of your home with direct shipping straight to you. You won’t even need to get out of your pajamas.

As Amazon.com continues to expand its e-commerce business, everything you can imagine from hardware tools to precious computer components can be acquired with 2-day prime shipping. And now, Amazon has even expanded to the supermarket business with Whole Foods! Getting your Kombucha, avocado ice cream and farm-raised Atlantic salmon has never been quicker. With the 2-hours grocery delivery straight to your home, there’s no more trekking through long aisles, exhaustively searching for that hidden bag of rice behind the beans. Find all the items Whole Foods has to offer directly on Amazon and delivered to your doorsteps.

The only thing that would make Amazon even more amazing would be getting everything for free. Sounds impossible but with PrizeRebel, there are various ways to get free Amazon gift cards. So let's get started with us as we specialize in opinion surveys that help you build an income online.

PrizeRebel, one of the top rewards platforms for paid surveys and offers since 2007 has paid members over $21 million in cash and rewards including Amazon gift cards. Getting free gift cards has never been easier with the various ways PrizeRebel has to offer from raffles, giveaways, providing opinions on surveys, or completing offers. No gimmicks or scams, this is a legitimate way to be rewarded for your valuable consumer opinion!

Joining PrizeRebel is quick and simple. Get signed up and start earning free gift cards today within 5 minutes! You can also sign up using Facebook sign up option too!

The 5 ways to get free Amazon Gift Cards: Giveaways and Raffles!

1st Feeling lucky? Are you the type of person who always hits the lucky number? The one that wins all the games you play that involves luck? Why not use some of that luck on winning real gift cards?

2nd You can win a free gift card from our Facebook giveaways. We host occasional giveaways directly on our Facebook page All you have to do to enter the giveaways is follow the contest requirements and including your PrizeRebel ID.

Make sure to like and follow our page as well to get the latest information on new giveaways and updates. You can even get free points with the promo codes that are posted!

Still not satisfied with only one way of winning? Another way to test your luck would be through PrizeRebel’s raffles! Multiple raffles are run concurrently with varying prizes from Target and eBay gift cards to the latest gadget. Of course, you will also find Amazon gift cards raffles at least 1-2 times a month. Entering is easy, purchase a raffle ticket and you will be entered into the drawing! Good Luck!

Now for the most reliable and easiest way to get Amazon gift cards, earning points of PrizeRebel by completing offers, providing your opinions on surveys, or watch the latest trending videos on your favorite topic! With the points you earn from these options, you can use them to redeem for a variety of gift cards from Walmart, VISA, and Amazon!

3rd OfferWalls: Completing offers is a great way to earn points towards that free gift cards. Most offerwalls requires you to sign-up or download an app to earn points. There are hundreds of choices but you must make sure you follow through on exactly what the offer asks you to do by carefully reading the description. Point varies from 10 to 3000 points depending on the offer.

4th Surveys: The most common method for PrizeRebel’s members to get free gift cards is by completing surveys. Market researchers are always looking to improve their products and gathering opinions on new upcoming products. This is where you come in. By providing your honest opinions on their products, you’ll earn points.

5th Videos: Another way to earn some points is by watching videos. You’re already surfing the web watching the next viral trend. Why not put that to work and start earning points towards a free gift card. With 1000’s of videos ranging from food, celebrity gossip, and gaming, the number of videos is endless. Start getting some easy points by starting your video binge on PrizeRebel.

Easy right? What’s the catch? There’s honestly no catch, just by being honest and consistent with your answers, researchers find that the opinions you provide to be a valuable asset in their research projects. Lying, providing false information or speeding will corrupt the researcher’s data so they are always on the lookout for these fraudulent survey submissions. So make sure to read questions carefully!

Depending on the survey, you can easily net yourself a free amazon gift card every day just by providing your opinion on a survey! All for giving your opinion on a topic. Talk about easy!

PrizeRebel offers one of the largest gift card selection with over 500 unique rewards to choose from. All you have to do is head over to the rewards section. Select any denomination of Amazon gift card you want to get and claim the reward! It’s just that easy.

Not only do we offer digital, e-gift cards, but we also offer physical gift cards as well. Now you can share the love of Amazon with a physical gift card. Physical gift cards are shipped directly to you. With these physical gift cards, you can gift them to your friends and family for their birthday or Christmas gift all at zero cost to you! Or you can keep all your free Amazon gift cards for yourself and with the convenience of the digital gift card, you can instantly receive and add this balance to your Amazon account.

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Since 2007, we've strived to be different. Making customer service our #1 priority and offering instant rewards processing so you get paid fast, PrizeRebel.com is one of the most trusted online survey sites with over 12 million members and counting. We work with the biggest global market research companies to provide you with the highest quality paid online surveys that you can complete to make money at home and earn gift cards.

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